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    • Joycejudidench
      Here is a sample of the clients that JCOM/Joyce Schwarz provides marketing, business development and corporate positioning. A more complete list is on the website or you can email or call Joyce @ 310-822-3119 to get an album of a specific vertical area of expertise including Travel/Tourism, Entertainment, Packaged Goods, Technology, Emerging Tech, Special Events & more.


    November 26, 2005


    I have written for AC since May 2006. I didn't actually start writing regularly until about August though. I have made over $600.00 on this site, averaging about 8 dollars per article, but more on some, less on others. Poetry and memoirs are not paid for, and humor is limited pay, but for everything else, they do pay, and they pay quickly. I usually receive an offer within a week and payment within a couple of days, via PayPal. I write for other sites, and am a freelance writer and editor, so I do not by any means write full time for AC, but if I did, I could easily make a couple thousand a month writing about 8-10 articles per day. I really enjoy the site in general.

    I have made nearly $2000 in the last month on AC... I think the info you have on the way it is set up is outdated... they pay you very quickly upon submission of an article.

    I think sites like Associated Content are great! It finally gives writers, Directors, and Musicians that thing the web was always SUPPOSED to provide in the first place: A way for the little guy/gal to get their work in front of the masses without having to fork over tons of cash. Actually, you might even make a bit of dough while you're at it. Thumbs up in my book...

    I just published a piece on Associated Content. I got paid $12, which I thought wasn't bad for 300 word piece that I lifted almost directly from my journal. I still don't quite understand how it works, and I can't answer your question about it's relationship to Google, but I plan to keep trying it for a while, just to see where it goes. Mika

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