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Here is a sample of the clients that JCOM/Joyce Schwarz provides marketing, business development and corporate positioning. A more complete list is on the www.joycecom.com website or you can email joycecom@aol.com or call Joyce @ 310-822-3119 to get an album of a specific vertical area of expertise including Travel/Tourism, Entertainment, Packaged Goods, Technology, Emerging Tech, Special Events & more.

Capri Sun, US LAUNCH by Joyce Schwarz
Career Articles Joyce has witten
Dave Spector -- the Jay Leno of Japan
Harlem Globetrotters benefit Long Beach
Hello Kitty International Contest/Promo
Joyce with new client? Robot?
Joyce with Pro Surfer New Product Intro
Joyce Predicting the Future in 1995
How Ballparks are Changing by Joyce Schwarz
Joyce and comedian
Joyce's Star*Course for 3000 Students
Joyce signing her book at CETV New Orleans
Nuevo Vallarta Mexico Joyce Promo'd Resort
Hollywood Promotion -- Lights Camera Action by Joyce Schwarz
Bold New Opportunities in Virtual Worlds by Joyce Schwarz
Bold New Opportunities Part 2 by Joyce Schwarz
Welcome To Videopolis by Joyce Schwarz
Welcome To Videopolis by Joyce Schwarz
Behind the Scenes @ The Academy Awards By Joyce Schwarz
Searching for the Killer App Ad Tech by Joyce Schwarz
Maketing for Start-ups by Joyce Schwarz
Hollywood Digital Download By Joyce Schwarz
Peek Behind the Polls
Joyce Schwarz in Snowglobe