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    February 26, 2006


    As someone who has been heavily involved over the past year in discussions regarding intellectual property being used within Second Life (specifically trademarks), you might be interested in knowing that while the "U2 in SL" group may provide these in-world concerts free-of-charge, there is, in fact, a virtual business (or two) behind this activity that appear to use both the avatars and these events to promote their own product (for reference: ). It might also be instructive to know that some SL businesses dealing with avatar accessories bring in tens of thousands of real dollars a year; sufficient incentive to put on a "free" show imo.

    I love the controversy, had we had this kind of discussion at the beginning of Napster maybe the music world would be different today. I understand that U2 appreciates the right for personal play of its music. The question is the right to stream the Boston concert online and lipsynch to it not sing the songs as most tribute bands do. I'll bet if SL U2 had asked for permission to stream the concert as a benefit then U2 would have given that permission. As far as I know no one asked? Plus, I wonder if everyone outside of SL knew that it was a tribute band not the real U2 -- one of the other blogs seems to be treating it as a U2 concert online. It's a brave new world out there and all questions and comments are welcome. PS Check out the trackback above..I'm not the only one with questions.

    Ms Schwarz, you seem to be somebody who doesn't know alot about U2, their music, their causes, their attitude towards passionate fans.

    Do a websearch and you'll find interviews with band members and with Paul McGuinness, where they state clearly that they DO NOT mind people recording their concerts as long as those recordings are not sold or used in any way to make money off them.

    The recordings U2 in SL uses will NEVER be sold by them, will never be used to make any money. Heck, they didn't even burn it on a CD yet, not even for a personal backup!

    Do yourself and U2 and U2 in SL a favor and get the facts straight!

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