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    • Joycejudidench
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    November 16, 2006



    this relly works

    Can you please make me a member, because my parents won't pay for it. So please e-mail me at [email protected].

    Hi I am 11 years old and I am a girl I am in 5th grade.I play Club Penguin cause
    I like it Club Penguin cause I like penguins alot and clubs too.
    How I found out about Club Penguin is my cosan she she is 10 she told me about it
    and I tought I would like it.So I got
    a free accont on cause my
    cosan told me that too.When I got the free
    accont it didn't mean I cound't buy stuff.
    But still have fun on Club
    if you dont have a accont on Club Penguin
    make one it's so so so so fun so make one
    if you can and if your parents let you.And
    I can't wait for the christmas party tomro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So make one so you
    will not miss the party.And parnets too
    is that if your child says a bad word it
    will bannd them for a day I know this cause
    I read all about Club Penguin.And your child boy or girl can tipe what they want
    to say in a tiping box.So make a accont today if you dont have one.The first thing
    to get on Club Penguin is to go on Club then press play then click on
    make a free a accont and click the color
    of your penguin you like and click it then
    name it.It might be hard to name it cause
    you cant make a name that is already taken
    I know it's a little hard but its realy
    easy for me.And you can buy pets which are
    puffles you can only buy the red one and the blue one and you acn only buy 2 if your
    a member you acn buy how many as you want.


    Do YOU want to double your club penguin membership?
    if so just go onto !
    all you do is enter your username and password and you double
    your CP membership from one year to 2 years for FREE !!!!

    also if you do this with in a week you will get 50,000 coins
    credtited to your account for free!!

    thank you,
    club penguin helper

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