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    December 27, 2006


    Hey, I got some answers, and there's alot more to Zorbing than you may know
    "Zorb balling" is called "zorbing", where a person will enter into an inflated 10-13ft tall (hamster ball) clear pvc or tpu plastic ball's inner 5-8ft inner sphere (much like yoke in an egg) through a port hole.
    Once inside this inner ball, suspended in the middle of the larger ball by hundred of nylon strands, and cousioned by about two feet of air between inner and outer ball, he/she will strap into a five point harness and be rolled down a hill.
    Depending on where you go, the sky is the limit for games and applications with this product
    "Gladiator Ball" is playing competitive games such as sumo wrestling, human-pool, bowling (you're the ball), pin-ball, or run through a maze full of boobytraps.
    "Hypersphering" is rolling down a hill stapped in a harness and flipping
    "Hydrosphering is when you add two buckets of water to take friction out of the ball, and roll down the hill without the harness, you slide in the ball on the water .
    No matter how you slice it, what Zorb balling awesome, and ZorbNewEngland concoquers every facet there is to try, right here in the USA.
    And there's now options. The Kiwi's were onto something great when they invented this, now the USA has improved and mass-produced it, thereby bringing it new a new level
    Check it out!!

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