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    • Joycejudidench
      Here is a sample of the clients that JCOM/Joyce Schwarz provides marketing, business development and corporate positioning. A more complete list is on the website or you can email [email protected] or call Joyce @ 310-822-3119 to get an album of a specific vertical area of expertise including Travel/Tourism, Entertainment, Packaged Goods, Technology, Emerging Tech, Special Events & more.

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    April 19, 2007


    one more thing is that i live in new zealand so you choose that if you want to be my friend or not

    hi if any one can please tell me how d they get on then my name on it is called asbkcbucket so if you want to be my friend you can and if you want to come t my real house then you can but be friends first then you can come here and my address is 54 Church Street, Otahuhu, Auckland
    Thank Bye

    can i make barbiegirls to have a fashion show because i think last year it had it and i missed it so can you please make another one and whoever wins get $1,000 b bucks or$500 b bucks and i was wondering if you could make more acesssories only who have a barbiegirl.Also can get a new b chat

    if they want to improve this website they should let us buy anything there because they just want us to buy a mp3 player and one person said it doesnt even work we should not have to send to email and ur parents have to check it, it takes a long because my parent comes home at midnight. and what if i want to play but i have to sleep early.

    i love to play barbie!

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