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    • Joycejudidench
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    December 08, 2007


    Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, and the lady who authored the Teachings of Abraham as well as myself share the same thing...The Secret.

    This is how I contacted you Ms. Joyce Schwarz. It is not a coincidence that I came across your one page investment website... I "thought" you into my existance.

    LasVegasLuckyCharms is a direct result of "The Law of Attraction". This is our Universal Creator (GOD) arranging the world around me based on
    my "thought patterns."

    Our business has the capabilities of being a fortune 500 company...I know...HE has revealed it to me in several visions and dreams.

    All of this being said, I look forward to meeting you on the 9th of January in Las Vegas where I live. Coincidence? Not on your best day... this is meant to happen.

    Please use all of your available resources to further LasVegasLuckyCharms. It shall prove very lucrative to you in the Las Vegas market.

    As far as Sponsorship, should you take a personal interest in our business and do the necessary in all areas, we can work out a good and reasonable percentage of all that you generate concerning this multi-level marketing of our Name brand.

    Please be optimistic and look at this opportunity as Glaceau' looked at Vitamin Water and the rapper 50 Cent. Part of our product line actually is our brand of water and I have a promotional rap song to go with the Name brand.

    Good sharing this with you. This is meant to be.


    Andre' Smith, VP

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