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    • Joycejudidench
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    November 16, 2008


    Joyce, You should get some kind of blogger award for this! As a social networking entrepreneur, I've been following this controversy with great interest...

    You NAILED it! Way to get to the frickin' source. Methinks TAXI will be out at least one major client by Tuesday. Unbelievable. Good stuff.

    Side comment for your biz presence: If you are marketing yourself as a media futurist, and I think you are doing a fabulous job, get rid of the AOL e-mail address; it is sooooo 20th century. ;-)

    Cheers for the great work!

    Phoebe King
    Chicago USA

    PS Did you know that J&J held a blogger mom retreat in the past year and not only NEGLECTED TO MAKE PROVISIONS for childcare, but also would not allow NURSING MOTHERS to attend?! At least that's what I read at

    J&J, you are sooooooooooo out of touch. Get some chief mommy officers! QUICK!!! :-)

    I'd say some people are going to have some 'splaining to do in the morning.

    Saw your post via twitter! Great summary!

    Saw your URL on twitter #motrinmoms. Great summary. Way to go after information.

    Watching this go down has been fascinating. I hope other companies that want to market to moms are paying close attention.

    My takes on it:

    I'm more than a little surprised that they didn't expect this.

    Maybe New York City just doesn't understand suburbia.

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